Category: Tender Succulent Plants

Exotic spiny plant

by Andrea(Macomb, IL) This plant is large the “leaves” are longer than a foot and tubular and stiff with a spine at the end. I haven’t seen it bloom. The liquid inside the leaves causes the skin to break out....

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Smooth, Warty, Fuzzy, Glossy, TexturalDrought Loving Tender Succulents Echeveria are some of my favorite tender succulent plants. I grow them because they are so varied in their colours and textures. I’ve been collecting...

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recieved as a gift

by maggie(florida) It is a trailing plant with beautiful clusters of pink flowers that are hard to the touch. Hi Maggie, this is one of the most interesting plants; not only are the flowers really odd, almost like they’re...

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Tender Sedum

Frost Free Stonecrop Sedum runs the spectrum from tropical locales that never see winter, to freezing winter climates with ease. But they’re not all created equal. Some Sedum can cover both types of climate, and grow just...

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