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by Vicki
(New Hampshire)


Firm leaves mint green looks like green stems are growing off of the mother succulent, why are my leaves turning brown and do I trim them off.

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Sep 06, 2017
Crassula of some kind?
by: Jacki

I suspect that this started life as a Crassula capitella, which normally would stay compact and tight, like the lower growth.

In full sun they are blushed with red, and conversely, in lower light, they are just green. This plant needs more light!

If you don’t have a brighter window, get a grow light. The fact that it’s stretching the new growth like that is a cry for help.

The leaves are turning brown due to the same thing – not enough light, and possibly too much water. These guys like dryness, especially the soil.

See more about Crassula here.