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by Trina
(Lakeland, FL)


Pic 1 – Sedeveria and tall thing


Hello Jacki,

I received a ton of succulents from a recent swap. Most of them came labeled but these 3 didn’t. I hope you can help me.

The first picture was labeled sedeveira but I don’t know what kind and I have never had a sedeveira before.

Also the tall one is a cutting. Should I just insert it dry cactus mix? I don’t know how to care for them as well.

The 2nd picture (I don’t think this is a succulent)is a cutting with thorns near where the leaves are attached. Can I stick this in water to root? I am simply guessing.

Please help me care for these plants. Thank you as always.

Hi Trina, wow, your collection is growing by leaps and bounds!

So Sedeveria is a hybrid of Sedum and Echeveria, and in most cases these are really easy care. This plant does not resemble those, but it does look like Sanseveria– the tall one looks like Sanseveria cylindrica, and the short one looks like the species trifasciata.

As the tall one seems to have a couple of roots, it likely will root easily in some cactus soil; spray very lightly around the base of it, and then in a few weeks, gradually start to water it more deeply, letting it dry out a bit between times. This encourages the roots to seek out moisture lower down.

Picture 2 looks to me like Devil’s Backbone, which is Euphorbia tithymaloides; if it is, the sap is caustic and poisonous – please use caution (glasses, rubber gloves) when handling it especially if the stem is cut and allows the white sap to come out.

Euphorbia of all kinds have this trait.

I think you may want to propagate this in the same way as the tall thing – you could put an upside down jar over it if you think it needs to be kept more humid.

Hope that helps with the new members of your tribe!