by Breanna
(Connecticut, U.S.A.)


It’s a little succulent I bought from the grocery store.

I’m not sure if it’s aloe. There’s little spikes on the sides of each leaf, but they don’t hurt to touch.

The leaves are green and are kind of ombre. There are little bumps on each leaf that are a little lighter than the part of the leaf it’s on.

I really need to know how much to water it. All I know is that the store overwatered it a little bit, because theres a puddle in the bottom of the green pot.

I took the pictures on my phone and when I put them on my laptop they turned sideways, so I’m sorry for that.

Comments for Prickly and Green Unknown

Mar 02, 2015

Close, but no cigar…
by: Jacki

This is one of the most often mistaken plants.

The whole genus is mixed up with Aloe all the time, and some of them actually look a lot like them. The flowers are different, being little white bells on a long flexible stalk while Aloe have predominantly pink or red bell shaped flowers on a more rigid stalk.

This is one of the Haworthia which you can see more about here; Haworthia. Scroll through the entries at the bottom of the page, and I’m sure you’ll find your plant there, or a very similar one as someone asked about it recently.

PS: although these plants don’t mind a little more moisture in the soil, they should never sit in a puddle of water. Just so you know…

Oct 02, 2019

plant identification
by: Brandi

hey, came across this image looking into succulents and I do believe it to be an Aloe haworthioides or a haworthia-leafed aloe. Hope that helps!!

Oct 06, 2019

I have the exact same type!
by: Anonymous

I have this plant too. I have two plants actually one looks like this another I’m still trying to figure out.