Category: Identify Your Succulent

Bird Nest Boxes

Help out the birds with a house and home As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Other links on this site may lead to other companies that I’m associated with. Birds generally don’t need our help to...

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Low Maintenance Landscaping

Save your Sanity, and your Back Many people in my age group are sick and tired of gardening and trying to maintain their yard. Water guzzling lawns, plants that wilt if you look at them wrong, pesticide use – it’s too much work!...

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Fan Shaped Euphorbia

by Ahmed Shehata(Cairo,Egypt) and this is another interesting kind of cactus because of its form looking like a puzzle or human brain , dark green…?? Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Ahmed, this is a really cool looking plant...

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Intriguing, Beautiful and Poisonous It’s best to use caution with any Euphorbia – they are interesting, intriguing and poisonous, with caustic sap that can cause blindness or a contact dermatitis skin rash like...

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Planter basket succulents

by Noni(BC) I live on the 11th floor south west facing in a suburb of Vancouver. Do I leave this succulent planter out on my deck for the winter? Or do I take it indoors when the temperature gets down to freezing or below? Do I...

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