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by Larry


We would like to know what kind of cactus this is to replicate the idea.

Comments for Medusa Cactus

Jan 22, 2015
Lots of options
by: Jacki

There are many different cacti and succulents that have this look, ranging from different species of Rhipsalis, to some of the types called Peanut Cactus, a type of Echinopsis.

This plant is a perfect example. Others include the rattail cactus and there are many more. It totally depends on what you can find available in your local area, or online.

Good luck with your search!

May 29, 2017
Not a medusa
by: clarity driven

This is a rat tail cactus, this being the one with the fatter tails. There is also one with skinnier tails. They both prefer dappled sun and slightly moist soil. Mine is growing in the hot desert under these conditions.