Smart Plants Mission

For us a “smart plant” is a plant that is suited to its environment. 

When you choose the right plant and put it in the right environment, it will be easier to grow, easier to keep alive, easier to propagate, and you’ll be able to achieve all these things with less resources. 

Scientific American reports that nearly 2/3rds of the global population will face at least once month of water shortages by the year 2050. And here at we are passionate about helping home gardeners find plants that can thrive without needing tons of water.  For this reason, you will find a huge emphasis on drought smart plants on our site.

Our Story

Founder was founded in 2009 by Jacki Cammidge a horticulturist based in British Columbia, CA. Since then, we have helped thousands of home gardeners identify, propagate, and properly care for their plants. 

Jacki retired recently, but you can still find her writing from time to time over at

Smart Plants Editor

A.J. T. is the current editor of He has worked on National Environmental Policy Act issues for the State of Georgia, and worked on clean water initiatives in New York. 

He currently lives in the Coastal Plain region of Virginia with his wife, 2 daughters, and dog.