Category: Drought Tolerant Plants

unknown plant

by Carol(British Columbia) Unknown succulent plant Recently bought this succulent from a local nursery. It is about 9 inches tall and has branches off of the main stem. There are no leaves.The bracts that run off of the main...

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Thick leaves

by Christine(Edmonton, AB) Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Hello! Could you please provide me some information about this plant. Thank you! Comments for Thick leaves Aug 21, 2017 Flap Jacksby: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist This...

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The survivor

by S S(Dallas, TX) This is one of some supermarket succulents I got to put in some smaller flowerpots outside in hopes that they’d do better than non-succulents in the heat and scorching sun. This is the first plant that...

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Taby’s Cactus

by Taby(Toronto, Canada) Hello! I recently bought this little cactus at Home Depot, but it didn’t come with any instructions. I was wondering if anyone could identify it, and possibly give me some advice on how to care for...

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by Madeleine(JHB SOUTH AFRICA) PURPLE AND YELLOW STAR I DO NOT KNOW WHAT NAME IS, BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL Comments for STAR PLANT May 25, 2015 Stapeliaby: Jacki Your plant is Stapelia or Carrion Plant, and it may or may not smell...

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star like flower

by sylva parrillo(Fl. ) It has thick spikes and a flower that opens into a star like shape. The edges of the stalks have round bumps on the edges. Drought Smart Plants reply: What you have is one of the Stapelia tribe. These...

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