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Planting Succulent Containers Guide

Your Free Bonus Sign up here for your free bonus of the Planting Succulent Containers Guide.  Get tips on how to prepare the container, and what plants, and how many of them will make a lush, lovely planter. You can make a...

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Yet another unknown succulent

by Hannah(Oklahoma) I bought this succulent along with many others, and was curious about what its name was.. Thanks for your help!! Comments for Yet another unknown succulent Jan 30, 2015 Sedum rubrotinctum or similarby: Jacki...

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yellow and green succulent

by Bryan(Marina, CA) Succulent that is green and vibrant yellow, looks like a sunburst type, but when I purchased two sunburst types they look nothing like the photo. Hi Bryan, what you have is Aeonium ‘Sunburst’, as...

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Wood stem, pink on the leaves.

by Emily(South Carolina) I’m not sure what this is, it’s starting to die and I’m not sure if it needs to be watered daily or weekly. The stem is almost like twig. It’s the one circled in blue. Comments...

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What kind of succulent?

by Jamie(Malaysia) Spuffy May I know what succulent is this? I bought this at the grocery store and there’s no label. It’s green colour is just marvelous on my office desk. Comments for What kind of succulent? Apr...

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Perky succulent vine

by Caroline Fike(Greeneville, TN) Green leaf – red stem Small rounded green and white leaves on a reddish vining stem. Comments for Perky succulent vine Sep 06, 2014 Portulacaria afra variegataby: Jacki This one’s...

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