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by Pat


Vine produces artificial looking flower. Some ‘buds’ bloom 2 and 3 times. The flowers are beautiful and almost look like plastic.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

The dead giveaway of your description is how the flowers look plastic – this is a Hoya, otherwise known as the Wax Plant, for exactly that characteristic.

The flowers are usually pale pink to white, and highly scented once they open.

They also drip nectar, so make sure that it’s in a place that this won’t matter (like not on top of your grandmothers antique desk or something valuable).

The tendril like vines tend to cling with small rootlets, and can be long enough to go a couple of times around the kitchen window.

These plants live to a great age, requiring little care, and are often handed down as Legacy Plants, as the cuttings root easily in a glass of water in a bright window.

When pruning this plant, make sure not to cut off the ‘spurs’ or thickened little twigs on the stems, because this is where it produces the flowers.

Happy Hoya Growing!

Comments for Vine with cluster pink bloom

Jan 24, 2016

Long living Hoya
by: Jerry Dowdy

I have had my Hoya (wax plant) for over 30 years. It has bloomed several times and is beautiful each time it blooms.