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by maggie


It is a trailing plant with beautiful clusters of pink flowers that are hard to the touch.

Hi Maggie, this is one of the most interesting plants; not only are the flowers really odd, almost like they’re made out of wax, which leads to its common name of Wax Flower, the long tendrils also are easy to root because of the nodes all along the stems.

As an added bonus, the flowers are highly scented in some species and varieties.

This is Hoya, of which there are many, many different ones, all in shades of pink, white or red flowers, and with leaves of different shapes, some heart shaped, others long and slender, but all thick and succulent.

Many times, you’ll see this plant given to friends and family, and that’s why it’s called a Legacy Plant; some of these plants can be really old, and still thriving.

After it blooms, don’t remove the ‘spurs’ left behind; this is where it will flower again next year. Cutting them off will mean it has to grow some more before blooming.

You can see more about these great plants here;

Happy Succulent Growing!