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by Leah
(Kibbutz Lotan, ISRAEL)


Smallest plant in front


I am barely keeping this alive and want to know how to improve its health, as well as what it’s called.

I live in the far southern desert of Israel, just 60 kms North of the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba. Average humidity here is 30% or less, we get LOTS of sun and quite alot of wind with temperatures never reaching 0 celsius.

I grow several succulents in large containers in full sun where they thrive and bloom, and I keep a few dozen plants and other succulents in the partial shade of my southern facing porch.

I’m really enjoying browsing your website!

Comments for Tiny plant, growing but very slowly, round leaves on trailing stems as well as clumps

Apr 18, 2020

A Sedum?
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Hi Leah, it’s so hard to see it exactly but it could be some kind of Sedum.

There are some extremely tiny ones, like Sedum dasyphyllum which also comes in different flavors (cultivars). I’m mostly going on this direction because of the tiny size of it, and also the color. Many of them seem to be bluish, which yours is too. They do tend to die back if you look at them wrong.

They are extremely delicate, and don’t seem to like extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and they will die out in the center before the tips of the stems die – this is a good thing, because they are easy to propagate from any live part.

More on Sedum dasyphyllum here;

Here is an image search for blue mound Sedum; See if that looks familiar.