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Upright, round, waxy leaves growing from one stem. Leaves have purple tinge around the edges.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

This appears to be some type of Kalanchoe – there are many to choose from in garden centers, box stores and florists, so I’m not sure exactly which one this is.

Many have scalloped edges to the leaves, some more so than others, and some species have a mealy white powder coating the stem and the leaves to a lesser extent.

Most prefer to have a period of drying out between thorough waterings, and they all prefer bright light.

With luck, your plant may bloom and it will be easier to identify it.

If it grows out of bounds and gets too tall, simply remove the top few tiers of leaves and allow the stem end to dry out, then stick it into some sterilized potting soil – the best type is either regular potting soil mixed with pumice or perlite or other gravel, or soilless mix especially for cactus, which will suit it just fine.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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Comments for Upright, round purple-green leaves

Aug 28, 2017

by: Sharon

The picture is a Kalanchoe marnieriana – Marnier’s Kalanchoe
Beautiful succulent

Aug 29, 2017

Kalanchoe Marnieriana
by: Sharon

I have a question about the comment that said if your Kalanchoe marnieriana becomes to tall you can remove the top few tiers of leaves & allow the stem end to dry out then stick it into succulent soil. Is this regarded as a cutting & does new growth start where you cut?

I’m new to propogating leaves & cuttings & am confused on when to put your cuttings in soil, when & how to water your cuttings, do you wait for roots to form or do you water like regular succulent schedule?

For me I water my succulents when they are completely dry & I water them until the water comes out of the drainage hole,

Another question on this particular Kalanchoe, my plant has thin stems coming off the regular stem up & down the old growth. The new growth doesn’t seem to have these stem like things growing. I have not come across any articles with this description.

If anyone can tell me if this is normal for Kalanchoe Marnieriana succulent or if I am doing something wrong.
Thank you Sharon

Aug 29, 2017

by: Jacki

Sharon, that’s exactly what you would be doing.

With succulents, they need to callous over, for at least overnight, sometimes longer. You wait for roots to form before watering.

Your schedule for watering established plants is exactly what I recommend and there’s no need to change anything for cuttings. Succulents are a whole different ball game from other plants like ivy or similar plants which need water from day one.

Some of them will root in water in a jar, but don’t try this with succulents; they’ll just rot.

I’m not sure what these thin stems are that you are describing. Could they be adventitious roots? Lots of plants have these, and, yes, it seems to be older growth that does this.

This page tells you more about what happens when you prune/take cuttings; Pruning Succulents – look about halfway down the page for a couple of diagrams about how the new growth forms after cuttings are taken.