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by Lisa
(Siloam Springs, AR, USA)


I believe this came from very small silver seeds (half the size of beebee pellets), but I went to weed my flowerbed about four days ago and this was underneath all the milkweed.

My mother, whose thumb is greener by far, says she thinks it is some type of ice plant or succulent, but is definitely a ground cover.

The pictures I have taken show the five or six branches I discovered and I used my narrow spade to show size.

I also used thumbnail for the size comparison on the leaves which are narrow and rounded on the edge.

Lastly, I tried to show the way the leaves are clustered, and I think this might not be normal, but there are little, almost perfect dots on some of the leaves…which I am concerned may not be normal.

I hope this helps and hope you will be able to tell me some news about my new baby so I can properly take care of it…thank you in advance.

Hi Lisa, I don’t think you need to worry about ‘taking care’ of this plant – it’s known as purslane or Portulaca and can be considered a weed in most gardens. I’m sorry to burst your enthusiasm! You can see more about Portulaca here.

Hope this helps,

Comments for This was a surprise that was growing under milkweed in my flowerbed…

Oct 17, 2021

Its Portulaca oleracea.
by: cereusly steve

Its Portulaca oleracea (Portulacaceae) definitely not a Mesemb (Aizoaceae). Your mom needs to get her thumbs checked because the green is fading. 😉