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by Suzi
(Hemet, CA, USA)


Close Up


I discovered this little succulent growing wild in a hidden place on our property.

It was growing out of a boulder in a pine grove. It gets some sun around noon to two, but then it’s back in the shade.

My photos show it close up and also it’s location.

What is it?

Comments for Volunteer Succulent Growing in Boulder crack

Mar 17, 2015

by: Jacki

In your area of California, in fact across the state in out of the way places, there are several Dudleya species.

They are amazing plants, as you see, finding very odd spots to grow in.

You wouldn’t think they could grow in the acid conditions of granite boulders with pine trees around, in less than perfect conditions, but I feel that these plants (succulents) in general, can take almost any type of situation as long as they are in perfectly drained soil.

You can’t get much more perfect drainage than in a crack in a boulder!

These are native to California, and there are several species in the genus. Here are some possible culprits;

Chalk Lettuce

Rock Dudleya

Santa Barbara Island Live Forever

Hope that helps narrow it down for you.

Mar 17, 2015

Thank You!
by: Suzi

Wow! That was fast! I would love to move it to a more visible location, but don’t want to kill it, so I’ll wait and maybe try to propagate it for better locations.

Our soil is very well drained. It’s decomposed granite. I may have to wait for it to bloom to see which of the three suggestions you gave fits it best.

Jacki, your site is beautiful and really helpful. Thanks so much for that quick ID.


Mar 17, 2015

There are others too
by: Jacki

Those are just a few of the examples I found on that site. If you do a search there you will find a bunch more, if the three I found aren’t it. Those have the slender leaves like yours.

Thank you for the compliments!