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by Kelly
(Central New Jersey)



My friend gave me two, little baby buds of this unknown succulent. (I have a soft spot for succulents.)

After a few months, they grew soooo quickly! There are two plants and I believe I need to re-pot them as they are growing so fast.

They are turning a reddish hue on the underside of the leaves. Some of them have spots. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Many thanks for your help!

Worried Succulent Mommy
New Jersey

Dear Worried, that is definitely a pretty plant – and judging from the shape of the leaves, and the way they’re arranged, I’m going to guess that they’re some kind of Kalanchoe. Rapid growth is also a trait of this genus.

The red spots could be caused by normal wear and tear, such as being too close to a window when the temperature dips down. Even cool but not freezing temperatures can cause damage to these types of plants, which are not frost hardy.

If this is possibly the cause, make sure that they don’t touch or come too close to the glass at nighttime, if the weatherman predicts cold or freezing temperatures in your area.

This seems to be your plant; unfortunately, not a lot of information about it, but it’s a place to start;  Kalanchoe rotundifolia.