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I’ve had this little succulent for almost a year. He measures about 3″ high. He was always a light green shade until recent. I put him out on my balcony as the weather got warm and he turned into the weird dark green/purple shade. I don’t believe he’s getting too much sun as the balcony only gets full sun in the afternoon (note that before this he was in our living room with hardly any sun at all)I can’t figure out if he’s happy or crying for help. I’d like to ID him so I can figure out what (if) I am doing something wrong…much appreciated! Thank you.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi G, this little guy is a Haworthia, either attenuata, or fasciata, both of which look very similar. If it’s been used to indoor light with very little sun, the purple or red shade is in protest to too much light too quickly. These plants, although they are related to heat and bright light loving succulents like Aloe, and look very similar to them are not as keen on those conditions. They also like a bit more moisture content in the soil, although they are very drought tolerant, they do better if kept ever so slightly more damp.

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Happy Succulent Growing!