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by Andre D. manzay
(Colorado City, Texas)


I’s bright green almost Florescent, very beautiful plant, almost looks fake because of it’s color and I found it at Walmart and I had to buy it. I do not know what kind it is, I have searched on the internet and I can’t find anything.

Comments for Thick and Fleshy Bright green Plant

Oct 28, 2014

by: Jacki

The reason this plant looks fake is because it’s been painted.

Walmart and other box stores are doing this because they think that they’ll sell more – and guess what? It works!

Your poor plant is most likely a Haworthia, and if it survives, it may be okay once it grows out.

Think of it like dyeing your hair, but worse. The plant has pores in the leaves called stomates, which if they’re covered in paint make it hard for it to breathe. Please don’t get sucked in to this tactic any more.