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by Nicki
(Cape Town)


I saw this plant in a nursery in Bloemfontein South Africa, but I have no idea whether it is indigenous or not.

Could you please help me to identify it.

There are many different cacti, some of them common to your area, but also many hybrids and other species.

Collectors can’t help themselves – they have to have each and every one they see, so lots of them move around to different areas of the country.

I’m not a cactus expert but there are a few hints as to what this could be in my reference books: Echinopsis cacti have vertical ribs like this one, so that could be an option. Parotia species can also have the same kind of vertical ribbing.

I’ll ask a few experts to visit this page and see if they recognize it for you.
Hang in there!

Comments for Short upright cactus with white edges and short stubby thorns on the 6 lobes

Aug 24, 2012

Got it!
by: Jacki

Hi Nicki, this is what someone on my Facebook page says: “The cactus appears to be a Stenocerus marginatus. I’m not sure if that is the correct spelling? :)” and when I looked that up on Dave’s Garden Website, sure enough, that’s what it is (and it’s indigenous to Mexico, sorry!)

Here’s the link to more:  Pachycereus marginatus (it’s undergone several name changes, and this one seems to be the most recent)