by Wendy
(Regina, SK Canada)

what is this strange looking plant 21699187

I recently bought this at Home Depot but the label on it only said “4 inch Succulent” so I’m lost as to what exact species this is. I’ve tried looking at the pictures on the website and using Google, but I’m unable to find something that matches it.

The leaves are thick and round and appear clustered and it looks like there could possibly be a flower getting ready to open; a tiny bud near the top on a skinny stem. I’ve attached a photo for reference. What do I have here?

Hi Wendy, this is one of the many different Haworthia species – it’s apparently one of the hybrids between Haworthia obtusa and H. cymbiformis – there are many because this plant is easy to hybridize. You can see more about them here.

You’ll most likely be thrilled to hear that this is one of the easiest little succulents to grow and keep healthy, especially through long Canadian winters – they don’t require as much light as other desert succulents, and they can also withstand the occasional over watering, unlike some of the other less forgiving types of succulents.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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Aug 03, 2018

When did you purchase this?
by: Kristen

I am also in Regina and am dying to get my hands on this type of Haworthia! How long ago did you find this one at Home Depot?