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by Talitha
(Bronx, NY)


Closeup of some of the dying leaves


I have had my beautiful Kiwi aeonium for about six years now and it’s been healthy and thriving. i just moved to my new apartment and there was such a sprout of new growth as i had never seen before, all the old leaves fell off and new bright green leaves and stems grew but now the beautiful new leaves are turning black and falling off! I’m afraid my baby is dying, please help!

Hi Talitha, when this type of damage happens so suddenly, it’s usually that the plant has received some kind of shock, a sudden change of one of these factors can cause some of these types of damage; it’s possible that just the shock of moving from one type of conditions to another can cause this effect. If it’s the new growth only, I would go with frost damage, but on older leaves, this can also be an indication that the situation is less bright than it’s used to.

I would start to propagate this plant, as the long leggy stems indicate that it’s time. Just behead some of the largest rosettes and re-root them – don’t worry, it’s not that hard! Buy the e-book below for more details;

Best of luck,

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