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3 weeks ago I bought a rose plant(double pink knock out).I transplanted from the pot to ground.All the leaves turned yellow and fell off.after 10 days i started seeing new shoots.With lot of baby leaves..suddenly my rose plant started wilting.I am not sure why.It has lot of sunlight.Similar plant which I planted along with it is growing healthy.Any suggestions?

My experiences with roses have been somewhat hit and miss – the best success with them has been from those that I propagate myself; I am sure that growing my own from cuttings is the best way to have a healthy, perfectly adapted plant.

You just never know what you’re getting from a grower – some places get bare root roses that could have a bacterial infection, and you may just have got one like that.

In many cases, they’re over fertilized to get them to grow nice and bushy, but they keel over as soon as they’re planted in the ground.

My advice is to just let nature take it’s course; water a few times a week, especially if it’s hot, and maybe give the plant some shade. I would use pre-warmed water, not cold water if you’re on a well.

This could be all it needs to get established enough to recover. If it’s really hot, this is not the most ideal time to plant any kind of plant, particularly those that are a bit touchy, like roses.

Sorry I can’t give you much more help, without knowing more about your situation (climate, geographic area, soil type?) it’s impossible to pin down what the problem could be.

Hopefully that gets your plant back on track.
Best of luck,