by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )

Hello Jackie,
i am receiving rooted cuttings from germany next week
something like:
buddah temple
rauhia peruviana
monadenun magnificum
kalanchoe orgyalis
amongst others,what would be your advice to get the best of these

Hi Amjad, your collection is growing in leaps and bounds! How exciting.

Some of these plants I’m not that familiar with, like the Monadenun, so that might take a bit more research for you; the others all should be relatively easy to propagate.

Some of that depends on how big the cuttings will be – hopefully, huge! If that’s the case, you can cut them into smaller pieces, and get many more plants from each one.

Pot up the main cutting that should have good roots on, and cut the rest of the stems into smaller pieces; about 2-3 inches is about right, if possible. Remember to label them!

Gently spray the main plants until they have adapted to your light and humidity – there’s a good chance that your air will be dryer and the sun brighter than what they’re used to, so don’t put them in bright sunlight immediately.

Set up your propagation and nursery area away from your other plants, just in case they come with hitchhikers – generally, plants that are sent from one country to another need to be inspected for bugs, you can check into that with your ministry of agriculture, to see what they would be inspecting for.

Don’t get complacent though – sometimes, if the pest is not a danger to food production, they will allow it in, but it could still be a problem for you as a grower of ornamental plants.

I would set up a larger flat or two, and use sterilized potting soil that has a high proportion of grit, pumice or small gravel, whatever you have available.

Fill the flats ahead of time, but don’t water them.

Let the soil stay dry and then prepare the cuttings and allow them to dry out (you can ‘stick’ them in the soil) while they do this.

After they have calloused for a week, start to gently spray the soil surface – very lightly. Pretend that this is dew, the normal condensation that happens in the early morning. Allow them to dry out through the day, and only spray a small amount.

Hope that helps,