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by Shannon
(West Chester, Pennsylvania)


It has a thin base from which all of the leaves originate. The leaves are long and green with white stripes running throughout. The edges and tips of the leaves have been turning brown.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Shannon, this is one of the nicer Draceana, or Corn Plant – there are many different ones, with stripes of variegation, some in red, or like this one with striking white and green.

These plants even though well adapted to living as houseplants, do have some quirks.

If they’re moved, in some cases they resent it and show it by dropping lower leaves.

If they are placed right near an air conditioning unit and have dry cold air blowing on them, this might account for the issue that yours has.

Try and place it where it gets air movement, but not cold air. You can also put a tray of pebbles close by and fill it with water every day to increase the humidity.

Also avoid over watering, as the leaves will show the damage of root rot by dropping or becoming dried out.

If all else fails, chop the top off the plant, and it will respond with some new buds emerging that won’t show the damage.

Above all, keep your cat away from it, as chewing on the leaves can cause some severe medical problems. It’s also known as ‘Dumb Cane’ after it’s poisonous effect of a certain chemical it contains, so your pets are at risk.

Happy House Plant Gardening!

Comments for The edges of the leaves are turning brown

Nov 19, 2011

More info
by: Kenny Dennis

I have a plant like. I would like to know if will live out side/in the yard?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Kenny, it completely depends on where you live. In most cases plants that are grown as houseplants are not frost hardy. If you’re in a warm climate like California or Florida and rarely get frost or cold temperatures, you may be in luck!