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by Ben
(Port St. Lucie, Florida)

My Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora plant just broke off from the base of the plant. Is there any chance I can replant it, in hope it will regrow roots back?

You bet! These things root fine from the stem. Just let it dry out first, overnight or longer if you wish. Cut into pieces if you want even more of them. Each one will grow into a brand new compact and well branched plant.

They don’t need any kind of rooting hormone, just allow them to grow roots in their own time.

Sprinkle with water once they seem to be rooted (check this by tugging on them) and then they can be moved outdoors to a semi shaded area to harden off and grow.

To prevent this same thing from happening again, keep chopping them off to make them start new growth from the buds below the cut, which makes it sturdier and less top heavy.

You can see more about them here: Flapjacks Plant, and read about succulent plant propagation here.

Happy Gardening!