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by Nishtha

How do you grow flowers of different colors on a single plant of rose

Hi Nishtha, there are some varieties of roses that do have different colors on the one plant, but there isn’t any way other than grafting more than one type onto a root stock to get most other kinds to bloom in different colors.

Several types of roses will show gradually changing colors as the flowers age, so over several weeks of bloom, for example, you’ll get cream (the oldest flowers), peach colored, and salmon for the newest blooms. This depends somewhat on the weather at the time of blooming – the flowers fade faster when it’s hot.

There are some varieties that show streaks and stripes of different colors all on the same flower, such as a red flower with white stripes like peppermints, which can show more or less white parts on the same plant. This is dependent on the genetics of the plant; breeders have developed some really interesting roses with these kinds of traits.

Hope this helps,