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by Samuel
(Manchester, United Kingdom)


So I have this new plant (which btw, I don’t know what species it is) that has this entangled root system where new offspring have started growing. I’m considering repotting it but I wonder what to do in order to not stress the plant. Should I remove these little babies?

Also, does this plant tolerate high humidity? I’d like to put it on an ant farm where humidity is around 60% but it’s aloe vera-like appearance makes me think it might not be suitable for it.

ALSO, it has this long, fat root in the bottom that started growing out of the actual pot. Should I remove that? Maybe leave it?

Anyway, I’m excited to see your answer 🙂

Comments for Rootbound plant

Jul 27, 2020

Haworthia limifolia
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This plant gets called all kinds of things, including Fairy’s Washboard, for obvious reasons. It will survive higher humidity than some other succulents – it’s not like Aloe that way. They also don’t mind less light, and more water than Aloe.

So the reason it’s starting to pup is because it’s too big for the pot, which is fairly obvious. They will stretch out their roots until they hit the sides, then put out new babies. You can repot it and pull the babies off to make new plants, but then don’t water it for a few days, to make sure the cut ends have healed up.

Repotting it will solve a lot of the issues you’ve outlined – including the root coming out of the bottom of the pot.

These plants don’t mind being root bound – you can leave them in the same pot for a long time, and let them create a big clump of babies.

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