by Nancy
(Ivanhoe Victorica)

why is my bush christmas tree producing brown dry leaves??

Hi Nancy, to answer your question, I would need to know what exactly is this bush Christmas tree? Is it an evergreen tree? If you have had this inside your house over the holiday, I’m afraid that it is not going to survive. These types of tree need to be kept cold, and well watered, which are two conditions that they most likely won’t get as a Christmas tree inside.

Sometimes, the warmth of the indoor climate triggers them to come out of dormancy, and they lose all their ability to withstand cold once you move them outdoors. If you keep it out on a porch and only move it inside for the big day, then out again, this will help to avoid the problem.

For the best success, I suggest using a type of indoor plant for a Christmas tree; I’ve even used a Ficus benjamina, or fig tree. That way, there is no problem with trying to acclimatize it to indoor conditions, only to shock it to death by moving it outside again.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.