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by Dora tha Plant Explora

I have a Pothos plant and the desk and the wall by it keep getting these little red tiny droplets that can wipe away like dried blood. It happens over and over and only by this plant. Any idea?

Hi Dora, that sounds very ominous!
Pothos, which is now known as Epipremnum aureum, is generally pest and problem free.

I would say that this is sap, and if you look, maybe there is something eating the plant.

The most common culprits are scale, which are hard to see as they look just like part of the bark, but if you scrape them off, they are obviously some kind of insect. Other possibilities are aphids, which I doubt would cause this much damage, a caterpillar, or other insect. Check this first.

I have never heard of any kind of problem like this with Pothos, but I’m not real familiar with it.
Hope this helps.

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