Location: Indoors, London, UK
Light: Lots of light
Temperature: 15-25°C

1.Aloe vera with pups. How much water does it need? Could I get it to flower?

2.Unknown succulent with pup. Should I divide it now? Could I get it to flower?

3.Kalanchoe Plant (?) Drooping, yellowing leaves after healthy flowering (Overwatering?). Can I propogate the off-shoots?

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Jun 03, 2019
When in doubt, dont…
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Most succulents, including the ones you’re growing, do best without a lot of water. They prefer to be left to dry out almost completely, then given a good dowsing to thoroughly wet the soil. Then dry out again.

This is for adult and juvenile plants.

So to answer your questions; your Aloe vera doesn’t need any different care than what you’re already doing as far as watering goes. In the fullness of time, and with warmth and lots of light it may flower, but generally, Aloe vera doesn’t seem to flower much except in their native habitat (South America, close to the equator).

Your unknown plant looks like it might be x Gasteraloe, a hybrid between Aloe and Gasteria. They hate to be overwatered.

You can divide them any time, just don’t water until they have calloused any cuts – like at least a few days to a week.

For the Kalanchoe, it’s worn out, poor thing! Cut it back, remove the drooping leaves, and give it some bright light over the summer and some fertilizer. It will recover to bloom again in the winter, given the right conditions. Yes, you can propagate them easily.

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