by Farouk
(Sydney – Australia)


Hi, what can you tell me about this plant?

Other then it’s a very slow growing fruit tree,
I brought one recently awaiting delivery soon & need advice on giving it a good kick start, planting it in the ground in an area where I haven’t planted anything before.

(You may remember me from my Irish Strawberry Tree/Arbutus Unedo question the other day). AWSU

Drought Smart Plants reply; Hi Farouk, you are good at finding new plants that I know nothing about – this one is no exception! Do the fruits actually grow on the trunk?? That is too bizarre!

So, here’s what I’ve found out: The botanical name of this interesting tree is Myrciaria cauliflora, and it’s native to (interestingly enough) Brazil.

You can see much more interesting information about this unique tree here on Dave’s Garden Website, including some varied accounts of the fruit, and how they are grown right on the bark. I just can’t get over that feature!

Good luck with your great choice of tree!