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by Diane
(Calabasas, CA)


I have a large bowl planted with various succulents…most have sent up long shoots over a foot in length – are you supposed the cut these shoots back? Picture is of pink shoots in question.

Comments for Outdoor succulents

Sep 20, 2014

Wait until they finish flowering…
by: Jacki

…because those are the flower stalks. Lots of succulents, like the Echeveria in this bowl flower late in the summer.

Once they fade, and start to dry out, by all means cut them off at the base. If you’re lucky, and you have lots of different ones, you may get seeds from them.

These will grow if you give them the right conditions, which is too complicated to go into here, but there are full details in my e-book, Succulent Plant Propagation. It’s not as hard as you might think, and I totally encourage you to try it.

Happy Succulent Growing!