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by Caroline Darwish


Petals are almost transparent


Hello, I bought an orchid plant around two months ago, and now the petals are all wilting!

It’s placed in a 10 cm diameter plastic container that has holes, and in wood not in soil. Oh and it came with some type of leaves that are shown in one of the photos and I’m not sure if it’s benefiting the orchid or is only a decorative feature.

The roots that were growing outside turned yellow so I cut them where the yellow part started.

I’m in Lebanon, it’s winter now but it’s warm in the house. It’s in the brightest room in the house and not subjected to direct sunlight. Please help!

Comments for Orchid plant is wilting

Mar 01, 2021

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Orchid of this type (Phalaenopsis) are usually sold in full bloom,but without the exact right conditions they rarely continue to bloom.

They originated high up in tree tops, in jungle conditions. They prefer bark to grow in (not soil), as a result. The mossy stuff is just to preserve moisture in the bark.

The long white roots are typical and normal. They mature into a woody texture, which is also normal.

The flowers wilting is also normal, as they reach the end of their flowering cycle.

Here are a few links to more information, as I am not an expert in orchids;

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Mar 01, 2021

Orchid flowers wilting
by: Pam

I am Also not an expert, but I do have several orchids like this one. In my experience, It is normal for the flowers to begin wilting from the oldest one and continue 1 Bloom at a time until they reach the tip of the spike. I have had a similar experience where the flowers wilt all at once along the spike and it has been caused by letting the orchid get too dry.

Mar 01, 2021

On second thought…
by: Pam

I just re read the post. If the plant were too dry the air roots would be grayish and shriveled looking. The yellow color leads me to think of root rot. Orchids are not quite as subject to rot from over watering as succulents, but it’s a definite problem. Don’t let them sit in water for more Than about 15 minutes. If the roots you can see In the pot are black or Brown it’s probably root rot and the plant should be repotted.