HI! I have a little hen and chick in a ceramic container. Recently the tips of the leaves turned crispy brown. Is it sunburned? It’s an inside plant – on a windowsill in a south facing room. Thanks!

This looks like Sempervivum, which are actually a hardy succulent, and don’t really like to be indoors. They like bright light, but they can’t take much heat – they originate high on cool mountain tops where the air is thin, so they love ultraviolet light, but the light that comes through a window and is intensified by the magnifying glass effect could definitely cause this type of sunburn.

Even Echeveria, which are not hardy, won’t appreciate this kind of heat effect; even though they originate in intensely hot desert conditions they can’t take this kind of heat or light.

In either case, move the plant back from the window so it’s not getting directly sun through the glass, or let it have a summer vacation outside.

Hope that helps,