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by Marina García


This leaf shows typical damage, it also appears in rossetes

Hello! Well a few months ago I got a Graptopetalum paraguayense wich was growing outside in a garden, since then I keep it indoors but I try to put it in a place where the sunlight is direct for around 2h in the mornings(I’ve heard that this plants love sunlight).

A few days ago I noticed some of its leaves has greyish patches on them, I don’t know what kind of soil they are in (it has a part of sand I think) but I barely watered them, the rest of the leaves look great. I don’t know if it’s a kind of illness or they’re getting sunburned. Could you help me, please?

Comments for My ghost plant has weird colored patches

Jun 05, 2017
Strange damage
by: Jacki

That almost looks like what happens to plants when they have mold. Is it possible it was exposed to mold when it was outdoors, and then bringing it inside caused the damage?

I would remove any of the leaves that are like that in case it spreads to other parts of the plant. You may want to do it in stages.

If it’s getting direct sunlight THROUGH GLASS this could cause damage like this too.

I always recommend leaving a plant where it’s happy (outdoors if possible) rather than moving it somewhere that the conditions may not be ideal (inside).

I find that taking cuttings from a plant to make new plants is much more successful than moving the entire adult plant to a new spot – they adapt to different conditions much better.

Maybe this is an option for your lovely Ghost Plant.