by aga


hi. could you help me with variegated jade? plant arrived to my home about 2 weeks ago, i am worried about this black margins and spots. maybe is sun burn? i keep on sunny window. Plant arrived with this black margins, but every day it develop new one. i don`t water at all at the moment, i use good sandy soil. pls help! aga

Hi Aga, I don’t think this is sunburn. That would appear as brown dried patches, which would eventually turn corky and leave a scar. If the patches are squashy black spots this would indicate some kind of rot.

Are you referring to the brown patches on the bottom of the leaves? Those are most likely damage from being handled during shipping, and as those are bottom leaves, they will most likely fall off soon anyway.

Don’t panic about this type of damage. As the plant grows, the new leaves (which look fabulously healthy, by the way) will expand and take over the job of providing nutrients for the plant.

As this is a variegated type it won’t be as sun hardy as the regular kind, so you will get sunburn if it’s suddenly exposed to full sun. Keep in bright filtered light, or in the summer in a semi shaded spot (under a tree possibly?) and it will be happy.

Hope this helps set your mind at ease,