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by bonnie
(zone 5 bosworth mo.)

My bird of paradise is 23 yrs old never bloomed its a house plant

Drought Smart Plants reply;
Hi Bonnie, I’m assuming you would like some tips on getting this interesting plant to bloom – after all, the flower is so fantastic and unique that I can’t imagine not wanting to make it bloom.

First, you have to realize that these plants are native to much warmer countries than the USA or Canada, so providing the right conditions is difficult unless you have a large conservatory.

Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia reginae (the most common species) require full sun in their native tropical climate, so these absolutely must have bright light.

A window that gets only an hour or so of full sun a day will most likely not be enough.

They’re heavy feeders, so fertilize at least one or two times a year, during the growing season. To promote blooming, use a type of fertilizer with a larger middle number, such as 10-15-10. This particular nutrient (Phosphorus) will help them produce flowers.

They will bloom best if root bound, so when they reach a good size, don’t disturb them by repotting.

Once they start blooming, the flowers are long lasting and unique, resembling almost exactly a tropical bird.

Other interesting fact: they are the official city flower of Los Angeles.

Good luck with your Bird of Paradise, hopefully you’ll get some ‘birds’ soon!