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Magnolia Flower

I live in the Memphis Tn area and I just recently received by mail a Ann Magnolia tree. It was delivered to my home and is in its original packaging around the roots. I want to know when I should plant the tree outside? It is FEB and cold. Should I plant it in a pot until spring and then plant? Thank you

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Feb 08, 2018

Ooh, Magnolia!
by: Jacki

Typically, bare root trees shipped in the mail are dormant, and the company sending them is aware of the conditions in the destination. If your ground is not frozen, you can feel safe planting it in the ground. Keep in mind the mantra “dig a $20 hole for a 25 cent plant” which means prepare the hole properly.

In many cases, wholesale nurseries will pot up dormant trees, wait for them to leaf out and flower, then sell them on to their retail customers, ready to sell to the general public. So this is an acceptable way to get a tree established. However, it means one more step, and you also run the risk of disturbing those delicate roots when you transplant it yet again.

My feeling is, get it into the ground. It will take a year or more to get itself firmly established, and some people routinely ‘stake’ new trees to keep them upright, and stop them from moving in wind events, which can break newly formed roots.

In Memphis, Tennesee you are most likely in Zone 7a, which indicates to me that you will be experiencing some warmer days – the risk is that your tree will start coming out of dormancy in response to this. Plant immediately so it gets some root growth in cooler weather before the heat of summer.

Best of luck with it – be patient