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by Rita

have had a good luck bamboo plant for 10 years or more, its leaves are turning yellow????? haven’t done anything different to its care. Thank you

Hi Rita, without some pictures, I’m flying blind as to what’s going on with your plant.

Lucky Bamboo isn’t in fact a bamboo at all; it’s known botanically as Dracaena braunii. These plants are commonly grown indoors as they’re really not fussy about the conditions. However, they do have some requirements that have to be met for the most healthy and happy plant.

They shouldn’t be overwatered if planted in soil, but they do need regular watering.

If the clump is getting quite overgrown, new cuttings can be easily rooted to form new plants. They like some fertilizer when in active growth, and depending on if you’re growing it in water or potted in soil with a drain hole in the pot, this should be flushed out a couple of times a year to prevent the build up of salts.

Sorry I can’t really give you much more information on why it’s having trouble without seeing how you’re growing it, and the type of conditions.