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by Helen


Rosemary seedlings

I have several queries about the 3 rosemary seedlings which I´ve had since early spring, 2 in one small pot and 2 together.

They´re growing well but very slowly and I´m wondering if it would be a) safe to leave them outside over winter b) better to transplant them all into one large pot and ditto, c) pot them up separately in the hope that each will eventually become a large plant or d) leave them as they are, be cautious and bring them indoors before the first frost…or any combination of these options.

I´d be glad of any advice you can give me as this is my first attempt at growing rosemary plants from seed and I´d hate to lose them by treating them badly. (Hope I´ve posted this in the right place as rosemary is a herb rather than a succulent!)

Comments for Queries about rosemary seedlings

Aug 01, 2017

by: Jacki

Many seedling plants don’t do well if they’re transplanted any later than August, so if you’re going to do it, I would do it now. If you want to leave them outside, don’t repot, just leave them, and then sink the pot into the ground for frost protection.

I would maybe give these guys a little fertilizer, they’re looking awfully pale, but don’t overdo it, even if you’re bringing them indoors for the winter.

Do you have grow lights? This will be crucial to keep them happy. Here’s some more information on that here

Tip: if they’re growing really slowly, add a little bit of Dolomite Lime to the soil around the base of them, and scratch it in. Sometimes, the pH of the soil is off a bit.

(I moved your question to the Ask the Horticulturist page, as it seemed a better fit!)