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by Linda
(Oceanside, Ca)


Ceropegia woodii


My string of hearts have been doing well, as you can see in one pot but the other has the white bulbs showing. I have pulled some out but haven’t had luck in their survival. Unsure as to how to get it looking healthy again

Comments for String of hearts

May 17, 2021

Such odd little plants!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

I love this plant, otherwise known as Hearts Entangled, or Ceropegia woodii.

The little tubers indicate that it’s happy – they don’t form until it’s established.

They need particular care, such as thorough watering with tepid water, but then almost completely drying in between.

Too much water is a killer!

Could this be what’s happened? I would just trim off the dried out looking stems, put it on ignore in a bright out of the way place, and let nature take its course.

The way yours looks it could be a slightly variegated form, which are always a bit more sensitive to everything, including too much sun, too much water, etc.