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by Lowelll
(San Francisco Ca.)


This plant you start with a leaf part in water, get roots, plant, and from this base get 3 or 4 leaves and soon have 6″ pink trumpet like flowers popping out from the scalloped leaf edge. Mine grown in S.F. Ca. SE. facing 6hr. sun.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Lowell, what a picture! That is a seriously gorgeous plant, and it obviously loves the location. This Epiphyllum is an epiphyte or tree dwelling succulent, and in its native habitat will grow in the crooks of branches high in the air.

You are obviously giving it exactly the right kind of care for it to be blooming so profusely, and you can expect it to live for a long time, flowering every year.

Thanks for sharing your perfect specimen, in very good health.

Happy Succulent Growing!

See this page for a similar and related plant: Schlumbergera, the Christmas Cactus.

Comments for Up to 3′ flat smooth leaves, scalloped edge where 6″ to 8″ pink flowers bloom

Jul 05, 2014

need help growing the flowers
by: kcsantry

I have a Gymnocalycium plant with the beautiful
scalloped-edged leaves, however, this year I
have only had one flower (which lasted 2days).
The leaves keep multiplying until (though in a
pot) it appears to be a monster plant BUT…

Other years – for the
past 10 approx – it produces some of the
beautiful blooms (with out-of-this-world kind of
beauty) They seem to have an inner glow – yellow
in the middle (stamins?/pistol?) and gorgeus (sp?)
large pink petals.

So…I need to know what to feed it to produce
flowers again. It’s in a medium-size pot outdoors
gets full sun part of the day. It must ‘be happy’ cause it keeps producing more and more leaves.
But how to get flowers??? Please help! 7/4/2014

Stop feeding it, and give it a summer outdoors on a porch – don’t over water it during the winter, in fact, let it completely dry out and that will trigger bloom in the spring when you start to water it again.

Hope this helps,