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by Ashley Mick
(Millbury Mass)

rash from bush shrub

I live in Massachusetts and was pruning in my backyard, we have a medium-sized bush that does not bloom anything.

My husband trims it every year and is not sure what it is he thinks it may even be a large weed that has grown so large it looks like a bush. He just trims it like the rest of them. I trimmed it off the first time and was scratched by it, when you cut it the leaves instantly turn black like they were burnt, which also happened to my scratch along with a massive rash.

Any ideas? I am on steroids already for poison ivy but they are not making my rash for this go away.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Ashley, due to the many different types of plants that can cause reactions, and the many ways these reactions can be displayed, you’re best to seek medical attention for contact dermatitis. It could be that your immune system is already on high alert from contact with poison ivy, so has gone overboard on this one.

Without a picture of your plant, I’m sorry I can’t identify it.

If you know that you now have a reaction to it, don’t go near it in the future.

Happy Gardening!