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by Jessica
(Powassan, Ontario, Canada)


Complete picture of whole plant


I picked this plant up at Wal-Mart. I’ve never seen it before but couldn’t resist it.

The only identification included was that it was a succulent.

I think it’s probably a crassula of some type based on it’s growth habit but I’d like a specific identification.

Description is as follows:

Stems are pendant and freely branching with variegated leaves.

The stems are darker and form segments at each paired leaf base.

Leaves grow in pairs perpendicularly to the previous pair.

Each fleshy leaf is similar to a Jade leaf, but with a concave shape vs a convex one.

Individual leaves are quite small with mature leaves less than 1/2 inch and younger ones less than 3/8 inches across.

Leaves are light green with white edging and there is a slight sheen to them.

If you can help me out with the identification of this plant, I’d really appreciate it.


Sorry my pictures are not more detailed. I’m one of the last few still on dial-up so had to pare down their size.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Jessica, your plant could be one of several plants: the guess about Crassula is a good one, as this does resemble a jade plant a bit.

However, as far as I know, there are no pendant or weeping types of Crassula.

I’m leaning more towards Portulacaria afra, which is also known as Elephants Food.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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Comments for Unknown Jade-like hanging succulent

Apr 19, 2012

Portulacaria afra variegated form
by: Ronaele

Common name is Elephant food.
Portulacaria afra. This is the variegated form.