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by Gia
(Boston, MA, USA)


I found this small plant at a grocery store in Connecticut. It was simply labeled “Assorted Succulents” and the care instructions were basically “Water it sometimes”. This is my first succulent, and I’m having trouble settling on what kind it is.

It is very small with fuzzy green leaves. The center seems to be turning a pale yellow-peach color.

It looks like an aeonium “kiwi”, but to my beginner’s eye, it also looks like a handful of other succulents too. Can anyone help me identify this little guy before I follow the wrong set of care instructions and accidentally kill him?

Thank you!

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Gia, it’s hard to go wrong with succulents, as following those instructions (water it sometimes) is pretty easy to do. However, these plants also require bright light as well, which this one is indicating by the stretching effect.

Unfortunately, you’ve acquired one of my favorite plants. Why do I say unfortunately? Well, this is a Sempervivum, which is an outdoor plant, not a houseplant, and as such will only be happy outside in a sunny spot, such as a patio or in the garden.

You can see more about Sempervivum and how to grow them here.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

Comments for Is this “Assorted Succulent” an aeonium?

Aug 16, 2015
by: June

I have exactly the same plant but I am confused because there are loads of other sempervivium plants that look different