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by Kristin
(Nova Scotia)

Cute Little Haworthia
Cute Little Haworthia
Cute Little Haworthia

Here’s my cute little succulent, which I was told was an aloe, but am pretty sure it’s an echeveria after browsing around. When I got it, it had tiny little white or pale pink blooms on a long stem (it’s been a while since it’s bloomed). Maybe you can help me out?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Hi Kristin, this little guy is neither Echeveria, nor Aloe.

It’s related, though; Haworthia, of which this is one species, are unusual in that they dislike the bright conditions and drought of many other desert plants, instead preferring a little more shade, and slightly damper conditions.

However, having said that, these are not namby pamby plants that can’t withstand considerable dry periods. They do survive being overwatered, something that you could never get away with for many other plants.

This makes them the perfect starter plant for novice collectors, although there are many avid succulent gardeners that are charmed by the little windows in the leaves, and their very pretty blooms which are generally white, with beige or green stripes.

These are best seen under magnification, as they’re quite small.

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