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by Wil
(Jackson, WY)


Almost looks like an Aloe, but with no spines. Color is green fading to purple towards the top.

Comments for Unidentified Succulent

Mar 03, 2015

Not an Aloe…
by: Jacki

In fact, this is an Echeveria. I’m leaning towards Echeveria ‘Black Knight’ which has this type of sharply tapered leaves, but it looks as though it needs more light. When well grown, this is one of the darkest of all Echeveria, living up to its name.

Here is more about that variety.

See more hybrids of this genus and how to grow them here.

Sep 16, 2018

Echeveria Black Knight
by: Sam

I have this guy. Needs full sun to stay dark. Not to be confused with Echeveria Black Prince.