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by Morgan
(Newark, Ohio)




Here are some succulents/cacti that we currently have at our school in a bay in our greenhouse, labeled as “Unnamed”, any help ID’ing these would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Sep 08, 2014

Names in the captions
by: Jacki

Hi Morgan, I’ve named the plants in the captions of the photos you included. These are just broad outlines of what I think they are, and you’ll have to search more to see if they’re correct, but it will give you more to search for;

The Gasteria is gorgeous! I don’t know 100% if this is Gasteria or x Gasteraloe, which is a hybrid of Gasteria and Aloe. Either way, they both need dry conditions with occasional heavy watering, about once a year. You can see more about Gasteria here.

Crassula rupestres and similar smaller types are easy to grow, and thrive in mixed containers as a ground cover. In time, they may even flower with pink or white clusters of bloom. See more about this genus here; Crassula.

The hanging plant is possibly Rhipsalis. It’s hard to tell if those are bristles, in which case that is one of the characteristics. You can see more about Rhipsalis on this page.

The Euphorbia are a huge genus. This one looks to be the African Milk Tree, and just so you know, the sap is extremely poisonous.

Please use caution when handling the plant, so as not to get the sap on you (which can cause dermatitis) or in your eyes (which can be even more serious causing blindness). See more about Euphorbia here.

Hope that helps with getting the plants identified.

Sep 08, 2014

by: Morgan

Awesome, thanks so much! 😀