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by Carol White
(Salina ks. USA)


I have seen this beautiful picture of a cactus it trails and has pink flowers on not sure what country it is from maybe Philippines and am looking for the name of it. Perhaps you can help me

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Dec 25, 2020

orchid cactus
by: popo

grows in the rainforests of brazil i believe

Jun 18, 2016

by: Jacki

This looks like one of the Holiday Cactus, which are several genera of plants all with similar characteristics. Hatiora is one of them, along with Schlumbergera, which is known as the Christmas Cactus and several others.

They don’t all have the hot pink flowers, they come in many colors but mostly in the red/pink range, including white. They only flower for a short time, the flowers emerging all at once for at the most, a week or two.

They require certain care to get them to bloom, which you can read about on the Schlumbergera page. Here’s a link to a Bing image search too. Hope that helps narrow it down.