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by Tiffany Weimer
(Chesapeake Virginia )


Hello! I haven’t recently really gotten into the houseplant game. I have a baby Pink princess philodendron and a white princess philodendron as well as a tri leaf syngonium among some other lovelies. I know people typically put in a moss pole for these plants to climb but I would much rather allow them to trail. Would that be ok for the plants? Thank you!

Comments for Trailing plants

May 31, 2022

Good Luck With That
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Not all plants have the ability to trail. They will always struggle to climb, like the ones you’ve listed here. If you don’t give them a pole, they’ll just straggle around, trying to find one.

There are times to be a rebel, but this is not one of them. Get the pole, make them happy.

The only one that might go either way is the Syngonium, which I’ve seen grown as a trailer.

Other options for you are the many gorgeous Hoya, which lots of times you see trained around a window on a string, but are equally happy in a bushy trailing situation.